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Why you should employ a behaviourist to resolve your dog’s behaviour issues

Sometimes specialist behaviourists are not the first port of call for dog owners. Sometimes they will ask their vet during a visit and sometimes they will ask their neighbour, relative, or breed forum.  But ask yourself, why is this not the best course of action?

If people do not have dog behaviour knowledge, they will be unlikely to resolve the problem and in trying to do so they may actually make the problem worse.  For example, people tend to turn to Google to search behaviour problems.  The problem with doing this though is that there is so much conflicting information, most of which is the incorrect and outdated and some of the more aversive techniques suggested can “work” in the short term but you will probably get more behaviour issues down the line.

People are often tentative about seeking specialist help for their dog as it’s considered too expensive but Behaviour work is like any other specialised service.  It takes an enormous amount of study, seminars, conferences and continuous education to keep abreast of current research and techniques.  When you have a problem, you go see a specialist, i.e.  a dentist, a doctor, physiotherapist, all of whom are specialists in their field, so if your dog has behaviour problems please  consult a qualified behaviourist. 

Have you had issues with your dog’s behaviour?  Who have you turned to for advice and did it work?